Mathematics - Jacobs University

Informatik & Mathematik
Bachelor of Science
6 Semester
Internationaler Studiengang
01. September


Why Mathematics? Mathematics is at the foundation of science, ranging from the beauty of theory and pure thought to applications in almost all areas of the natural sciences, engineering, economics, finance, and even the social sciences. As such, a bachelor’s degree in mathematics offers a unique combination of intellectual breadth and disciplinary depth. Specifically, mathematics offers a great variety of academic career paths, ranging from teaching at all levels to research in mathematics and its adjacent fields. A bachelor’s degree in mathematics qualifies for graduate study not only in Mathematics, but also in neighboring disciplines such as Engineering, Physics, Astronomy, Economics, Finance, MBA programs, and many others. Mathematicians find employment in a variety of high-level strategic positions in which analytic thinking, problem-solving, and quantitative skills are paramount, ranging from consultancy, public administration, information technology, and data security, to high-level management. In surveys, mathematicians consistently report strong personal identification with their field in combination with a high level of job satisfaction. The key element in our education is that we do not just teach courses to students, but accompany them as individuals throughout their education and help them achieve, or even identify, their personal goals. In this spirit, the Bachelor Program in Mathematics at Jacobs offers a three-year program with advanced study options providing optimal preparation for graduate education at top European and US universities.

Veröffentlicht am 21. Mai 2017 um 11:05 Uhr von Gast
Ein sehr guter Studiengang mit engagierten Dozenten. Es gibt viele kleine Unterrichtsgruppen, wöchentliche Übungen, und eine gute Ausstattung in der Bibliothek. Es ist anspruchsvoll, aber man lernt sehr viel.