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Bachelor of Science
6 Semester
Internationaler Studiengang


Chemistry is the scientific discipline involved with elements and compounds composed of atoms, molecules, and ions: their composition, structure, behavior and the changes they undergo during a reaction with other substances. Biotechnology is the application of biology to the solution of real-life challenges, where an element of profit is a prerequisite. The two disciplines are connected by their molecular approach and by their vast commercial importance. The transdisciplinary CBT study program offers chemistry modules that include organic, inorganic, analytical, and physical chemistry; students are also taught the relevant aspects of mathematics, engineering, and industrial practice. The focus of biotechnology in this study program is to learn how the industry can take advantage of biocatalysts and biomolecules in order to contribute to a more sustainable future. Biorefining, i.e. the uses of renewable rather than fossil resources, is another major aspect of CBT; this will introduce students to the concept and practice of the “circular economy”. The degree program Chemistry and Biotechnology equips students with the knowledge, research techniques, and the problem-solving skills necessary for a career in chemistry and/or biotechnology, and for further studies at the Master or PhD level.

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Study with best employability and career perspectives in industry, research or to proceed further master and PhD studies:

Career opportunities for CBT students are diverse and abundant. In general, the combination of chemistry and biotechnology increases employability, since biotechnological applications in the chemical industry are increasingly important. Sustainability and environmental protection are topics of ever-increasing importance in society and industry. In research and development, career opportunities cover the areas of chemicals, pharmaceuticals, fuels, nanotechnology, materials, and energy to environmental monitoring and forensic science.

The educational concept of Jacobs University aims at fostering employability which refers to skills, capacities, and competencies that transcend disciplinary knowledge and allow graduates to quickly adapt to professional contexts. Jacobs University defines employability as encompassing; i.e. it focuses not only on technical skills and understanding but also on personal attributes, competencies, and qualities that enable students to become responsible members of their professional and academic fields as well as of the societies they live in.


Admission to Jacobs University is selective and based on a candidate’s school and/or university achievements, recommendations, self-presentation, and performance on required standardized tests. Students admitted to Jacobs University demonstrate exceptional academic achievements, intellectual creativity, and the desire and motivation to make a difference in the world.