Biochemistry and Cell Biology - Jacobs University

6 Semester
Internationaler Studiengang


Biochemistry is the study of molecules and chemical processes in living organisms, while Cell Biology is concerned with the structure and physiology of cells, their components, and interactions with the environment. The two fields are combined in one comprehensive degree program, which will give you a broad understanding of the molecular and cellular mechanisms that form the basis of life, including the principles of inheritance and gene expression. This allows BCCB graduates to address in their careers important problems in today's society, be it by basic or by applied research, for example in the areas of biomedicine, biotechnology, or molecular biology. For this, the BCCB program at Jacobs University provides not only the theoretical background, but also substantial practical training. Students are, furthermore, involved in hands-on research during their studies. The program is regularly highly ranked in the CHE Rankings and U-Multirank.

Nach dem Studium

Most BCCB graduates move on to graduate education, and past graduates of this program have enrolled at prestigious universities world-wide. To these belong MSc and PhD programs at Imperial College London, LMU Munich, University of Heidelberg, University of Göttingen, ETH Zurich, EPF Lausanne, European Molecular Biology Laboratories (EMBL), various International Max Planck Research Schools (IMPRS), University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, Cornell University, Duke University, New York University, Yale, MIT, and Harvard University.

The applied curriculum of the BCCB program with many laboratory courses also enables graduates to find work as lab researchers, in other research-related positions, in product development, technical support, marketing or sales in biotech, food, or pharmaceutical companies as well as government agencies. Some graduates have also found non-traditional careers such as management, science policy, or science writing. Outside academia, past graduates of this program work for Arthrex, Catenion, Roche, Leroy Merlin, Boston Consulting Group, and the non-profit partnership Medicines for Malaria Venture.


Admission to Jacobs University is selective and based on a candidate’s school and/or university achievements, recommendations, self-presentation, and performance on required standardized tests. Students admitted to Jacobs University demonstrate exceptional academic achievements, intellectual creativity, and the desire and motivation to make a difference in the world.